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How It Works

How are Tennisletics Verified Profiles verified? Once you sign up as a Business member, we’ll send you a link to form to complete.  Upon receiving your information, we independently confirm that tennis facilities are operational, websites are functional, social media links and phone lines work, content is appropriate, and no obvious red flags exist. Tennisletics Verified Profiles are meant to save purchasers some time by showcasing businesses that are a legitimate part of the tennis ecosystem. They, in themselves, are not an endorsement of the location, products or services, nor a guarantee of quality.

Who can post? We accept postings from tennis facilities of all sizes and from all countries. Having a working English-based website is a key requirement for acceptance. Tennisletics reserves the right to accept or reject any entries.

What can be posted? Hi-res logos are accepted in standard image formats. Business descriptions should focus on the amenities, products, and services offered and maintain a professional, balanced tone.

How soon should I expect my profile to be posted? Profiles typically will be posted within 72 hours of being submitted.

Will my Tennisletics Verified Profile remain posted forever? You are purchasing a one-year license for one company profile. After one year, you can elect to renew or allow the license to lapse. Verified Profiles with lapsed licenses will revert to a Basic Listing on the website with advertisements.

What if I want to change or update my profile? Easy, just send your change requests at [email protected]. Note that Tennisletics has final discretion on whether to publish based on our own guidelines.

How do I make the most of my Tennisletics Verified Profile? Your business will be in good company, so you’ll want to show the world. Here are five suggestions from other businesses: 1) Link to your unique Verified Profile’s URL  (or shortened URL) from your own web site. 2) Add your profile’s URL to your social media pages 3) Add your profile’s URL to your business card 4) Include your profile’s URL  in your future press releases 5) Make sure the keywords in your profile’s company description match those used in your efforts to be found online.

Can I use the Verified logo on my own website or location? Definitely. In fact, as part of your verification process, we will send you a welcome pack with a Tennisletics Verified Profile certificate, sticker, and a guide with best practices. Tennisletics logos and trademarks, including the Tennisletics Verified Profiles’ marks, are exclusive properties of Tennisletics, LLC and can only be used in the manner described.

What if I spot erroneous information? Not a problem, above all else we are human. Please contact us at [email protected] with details and we’ll get it sorted with delay.