Adult Tennis Players

Tennis is acknowledged as ‘the sport for a lifetime’. World-renowned scientists across a breadth of disciplines, state that tennis is one of the best sports to play at any age. Tennis can positively affect your body, your brain, and your life.

Here are seven reasons why adults should play tennis:

  1. Quality of life. Tennis improves hand-eye coordination, balance, agility and reaction time. Playing sports in any form is generally good for your health, but tennis is better than most sports. Studies have shown that tennis players have the lowest incidence of cardiovascular disease.
  2. Live longer. Amazingly, if you just play tennis for three hours per week, your risk of heart disease drops a staggering 56%.
  3. Get fitter. Playing one hour of tennis equates, depending on intensity, to between 580-870 calories burned.
  4. Mental health. Tennis is a sport that needs a calm mind. According to a recent study, kids who play tennis regularly get better grades due to increased neural connections in their brain. Tennis builds sportsmanship and important human character traits that enable people to better communicate and work together.
  5. Reduce stress. Tennis increases your capacity to deal with stress because, like life, it demands you over-coming mental, physical, emotional and social challenges.
  6. Be social. Tennis outperforms all other sports with regard to developing positive personality traits and building genuine relationships.
  7. Sport for all. Tennis courts are scattered all over the US – from public and schools courts to member clubs. Very little equipment is required and the whole family can participate.

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