Use Tracket (TRKT) to track your tennis gear. Use your mobile device and tablet to monitor racquet health and usage, lifetime history, and configurations. Share your gear set-up with players, professionals, friends, and family.

Racquet Health

Get the health of your racquets at a glance.

Use the two color-coded Tracket rings to help you track individual racquet usage.

One ring tracks usage and the second one tracks the time since you strung the racquet. If a ring turns red, then it is time to restring.

Tracket dashboard for health and usage

Racket Configuration

Tracket racquet profile

Stop the racquet chaos.

Tennis matches are won or lost by the smallest of margins. Playing with tired tennis strings is detrimental to your game.

And, let’s face it, trying to recall or manually track on scraps of paper when you last restrung a racquet, what the string was called (if you even knew), and at what tensions can be unreliable and frustrating.

TRKT lets you take back control. Quickly access the key data about your racquets and strings.


Smart tracking with barcodes.

When you have 2 or more racquets of the same type, keeping track of configurations and sessions can challenging. We think we’re going to remember, but let’s face it, we don’t.

We wanted to make it super easy to manage racquet health and usage. So, we created high quality unique 2D barcode stickers that are typically attached to the throat of the racquet. They are same commercial-grade stickers used in property management.

Once the barcode is added, simply scan it to be taken to the racquet profile in the app. Buy your Pack of 3 barcodes from our store.

Tracket 2D barcodes

Share Your Gear

Tracket share configuration

Share the love.

Share your racquet and string configuration with other players, professionals, stringers, friends, and family.

You can do this via email, text, social media, or through any of your favorite methods. You can personalize the message as you need. The recipients get a website link to the racquet and string(s) and your configuration.


Track the lifetime history of your racquets.

See in one place, from the moment you bought the racquet, every time the racquet was strung, and with what specific string brand, series, gauge, and tension.

Add unlimited tennis racquets to your member account from our exclusive searchable database. Add grip size, a memorable label, a photo, and any notes or customization.

Track every session you play and add notes to help you remember. It’s like the ‘CarFax’ for racquets.

Tracket racquet history

Help Us Help You


Got any feedback or new ideas for the Tracket (TRKT) app? Then let us know, we’re ‘all ears’.

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New String

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