The Times They Are A-Changin'


Unquestionably, 2020 has proved itself to be a challenging year for all of us. With second waves of Covid-19 and more lockdowns in many places across the globe, it can be difficult to see the glimmers of light in the darkness.

From a tennis perspective, tennis is seeing a new resurgence with new players entering our sport and courts re-opening globally. We hope players and professionals can get back to doing what we love so much and bring a much-needed dose of 'wellness'.

Frankly, the last 9 months have been awkward for Tennisletics. We had a bunch of plans for this year that are stalled or have evaporated. And now, 18 months into this venture with a new 'normal', we have completed a comprehensive review to decide where do we best go from here to help you the most and build a sustainable business.

In the words of Bob Dylan, 'The Times They Are A-Changin'. We are simplifying things to focus on some key areas we can deliver value. Let's explain.

This main website will remain the focal point for all things Tennisletics and is now built on a Shopify platform for security and extendability.  We remain passionate about helping tennis players and fans worldwide. Whether you love being on the court or watching courtside, then you'll be able to discover tennis products and tools that are great for you and the world around you.

Based on demand, we're excited to sell more physical goods that are value for money, high quality and ethically-sourced.  Look out over the next few weeks as we continue to build partnerships and bring new products to our store.

Additionally, we will be bringing yet more blog, video and audio content to the website.  


Tennisletics at its heart is an innovation company.  We tried something new by offering membership tiers to tennis fans, players, professionals and businesses.

The reality is, while we had our fair share of supporters, most tennis people didn't want to commit to any kind of paid membership.  So, with immediate effect, Tennisletics membership tiers have disappeared.  We will be contacting all paid members with a plan. Be assured, we will 'make things right' financially where needed.

The username you used for membership remains the same for the new website but, for security, you will need to reset the password.  We are also going to bring in social logins to help people especially on mobile. 


We have also hidden all the Explore section of the website including all the places, events and people.  Tennis is changing at such a fast rate this year, that trying to keep the information accurate and up-to-date proved unsustainable right now.  We may bring the directory back, if things stabilize and the demand is there.


We have removed all apps from sale.  Tracket may be re-introduced at some point.  The Stringuru app is being turned into web-based tools instead.  And, all the Mindbox tracks will be reintroduced over the new few months as blog posts to help everyone benefit from the power of audio.

Discussion Forum

We experimented with creating a new dedicated discussion forum dedicated to tennis.  It is understandable that the world is just too busy right now.  So, we have mothballed it and will review afresh next year.  


We built out directory and tools to help you find the right equipment for your game.  For right now, we have decided to remove all content associated with racquets.

The great news is we have developed a new website called dedicated to bringing 'tennis string wisdom'.  We know how much confusion there is around strings and yet how important the right string is for your game. This is a comprehensive, and exclusive directory of all tennis strings, past and present, along with exclusive, easy-to-use discovery tools. It will continue to evolve with new strings and data. 

Next steps

I trust this article explains the 'plan'.  We are beyond excited to move to this new phase. Be patient with us as our small team seek to unfold everything. 

We value your support.  Reach out to me personally at Stay safe. Happy hitting.


Aleks Szymanski

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  • Fernando Velasco

    Aleks, We understand the challenges and applaud you for your love and passion of this game. We will be here to continue supporting you and helping any way we can.
    Hang in there!!

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