Tennis Clubs

According to a recent Tennis Industry Association (TIA), there are a total of 270,000 tennis courts in the US. 

Nearly 14,691 facilities that are offering programming and tennis instruction on nearly 92,000 courts.  The TIA estimate there are an additional 25,000 courts at facilities that offer programming and another 150,000 tennis courts at residential, apartment complex, condos, hotels and community areas. Together, it is estimated that in the US there were 425 million ‘play occasions’ in 2016. From the 14,961 facilities that were surveyed by the TIA, here are some statistics:

Indoor Courts

  • Total Indoor Hard Courts – 9,330
  • Total Indoor Clay Courts – 1,058
  • Total Indoor Other Courts – 481

Courts by Facility Type

  • Total Private Facilities – 4,297
  • Total Public Facilities – 4,715
  • Total Commercial Facilities – 254
  • Total Other Facility Type – 6,738

Outdoor Courts

  • Total Outdoor Hard Courts – 73,952
  • Total Outdoor Clay Courts – 15,081
  • Total Outdoor Grass Courts – 324
  • Total Outdoor Other Courts – 835
  • Total Outdoor Lighted Courts – 34,453

Facilities Number of Courts

  • Four or Less Courts- 7,349
  • Five to Nine Courts – 6,310
  • Ten to Nineteen Courts- 2,443
  • Twenty or more Courts- 346

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