Tennis Coaches

Players of all ages and abilities rely on coaches to learn the basics of tennis, refine their technique and advance their knowledge of tactics as they continue their journey on a lifelong sport.

Whether they got their training from experience, USTA, United States Professional Tennis Association (USPTA) or Professional Tennis Registry (PTR), coaches can apply their expertise in many different roles including:

  • Tennis Pro at a club or resort
  • Middle school coach
  • High school coach
  • College coach or assistant coach
  • Pro circuit coach and many others.

Great tennis coaches can drill athletes and give them tips during weekly clinics and private lessons, but they can only do so much.  This is where Tennisletics steps in to provide complementary tools, guide, and resources for your mind, body, and gear.

We harness new ideas and technology to help ambitious athletes reach their potential. Join Tennisletics (starting for free) to get early access to products, services, and experiences designed for players of all ages and abilities, parents, coaches, trainers, clubs, and associations.

Apps that help Tennis Coaches


Mindbox (MDBX) uses the power of audio to help players through compelling tracks, stories, and techniques.

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OUTLET (OTLT) is the Tennisletics shopping app for the right tennis gear (and apparel) at sensible prices.

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