College Tennis Players

College tennis is a huge opportunity for player development and growth with many junior players progressing to college. Only, a very small percentage will actually embark upon a pro tennis career. There are over 1,100 women’s programs and over 900 men’s programs spread out over five different divisions:

  • NCAA Division I
  • NCAA Division II
  • NCAA Division III
  • NAIA
  • Junior College.

For more details, visit Intercollegiate Tennis Association (ITA) and USTA.

On average, most college tennis teams carry 8-12 members. This may vary by conference, Division, and school. Playing college tennis is very demanding of an individual’s time. Between travel, practice, matches, strength training, and meetings, college athletes’ days are filled with activity.

The NCAA at the Division I level has implemented rules to limit the amount of time a student-athlete is required to participate in his/her sport each week. During the off-season this number is 8 hours, and during the season the number is 20 hours. Even though the schedule may vary each week, at least players know how much time may be blocked out of their schedule. Other divisions and sometime conferences have similar sets of rules—some are even more strict.

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