Parents can directly impact their child’s tennis experience by their actions – in good ways and in bad.  It can be challenging to find the right behavior, to be supportive but not over-bearing, provide feedback without being critical.  Parenting is hard enough already.  It can but can be difficult supporting a junior athlete if you were one yourself but even harder if you were not around tennis growing up.

Their multiple ways parents can improve their communication with their child when it comes to tennis. Tennisletics seeks to educate parents to make the best decisions when supporting their children throughout their tennis journey.

Tennisletics will walk you through the important things:

  • Goals.  Parents and children need to share the same goals.  Parents cannot want their children to be tennis professional if their kids just want to play for fun.
  • Understanding tennis.  Tennis is a challenging sport.  The more parents know about tennis the better. They need to keep in mind that tennis is just a game and that there are other things equally or more important in life.
  • Competition.  Parents need to get to understand the needs of their children during competition.  No two children are the same.  Some need a pep talk before a match while others want to be left alone and focus.  Some children want to analyze after a match, examining every detail of what want well or badly.  Others do not want to talk about anything related to tennis after the game. As parents, understanding your child’s personality and behavior is key.  Remember, tennis is 70% mental.

Apps that help Parents of tennis players


Mindbox (MDBX) uses the power of audio to help players through compelling tracks, stories, and techniques.

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OUTLET (OTLT) is the Tennisletics shopping app for the right tennis gear (and apparel) at sensible prices.

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