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Best 8: Major Tennis Tournaments

We aren’t even a week into the new year but the first Grand Slam event is already well underway. The Australian Open marks the beginning of a busy year for tennis with multiple tournaments of all level taking place every month. Every tennis fan dreams of attending the biggest tournaments and watching their idols compete […]

Glossary of tennis terms and acronyms

Like many sports, tennis is a game full of terms and acronyms.  This article seeks to help explain the meaning of these items.  It will remain ‘work in progress’ and we will be adding as we discover new terms or acronyms.  If you consider we can explain one of them better, or have missed anything, […]

Best 8: Ball Machines

Consistency, consistency, consistency. The very best players are super consistent and make their shots better than 8 out of 10 times. Their ability to deliver at critical moments gives them the freedom to play their own game with the confidence honed from thousands of hours spent on the tennis court. The challenge for junior and recreational […]

How to respond to losses

When looking to improve the mental side of your game most players and coaches will focus on capitalizing on past successes to help improve your game. However, knowing in tennis means you will lose almost as many times as you win, it is critical that players learn to cope with defeat. Failure isn’t something that […]

Best 8: Holiday Tennis Gifts

The holiday season is a time of giving. But what do you give to the tennis enthusiast friend or family member that already has everything?  Not easy. In this article, we have compiled a fun selection of the Best 8 Holiday Tennis Gifts of the 2018 season that are (hopefully) guaranteed to be a hit with the recipient.

Organizing a holiday season tennis social

With the holiday season upon us, tennis clubs around the country will be throwing tennis socials and getting their members together to celebrate. Whether you are enjoying Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year’s Eve or any other celebration, to help get you in the spirit this year we’ve picked out some of our favorite ideas for throwing […]

Top tips for gaining a mental advantage over your opponent

We’ve previously spoken in depth about how an individual’s psychology plays a huge role in their ability on the court. The top players are able to control their emotions throughout a match and use them to gain a mental advantage over their opponent, even when they aren’t playing to the best of their ability. It’s […]

How the weather impacts a tennis match

When preparing for a tennis match, or competition, players will plan for every possible outcome to make sure they are able to cope with all scenarios. There is, however, one thing you cannot account for, the weather. The uncontrollable nature of the weather presents a number of different challenges that tennis players must overcome to […]

5 ways to improve confidence in tennis players

Confidence is best defined as the beliefs an individual has towards their own ability to successfully execute a specific task in order to achieve the desired outcome. For example, a tennis player who has confidence in their serve steps up to the line believing that they are going to hit their spots and ace their […]

Best 8: Tennis Recovery & Rehab Tools

Tennis can be a brutal sport for all parts of your body head-to-toe including feet, ankles, knees, hips, back, shoulders, arms, and wrists.  Tennis clinics, lessons, and both singles and doubles matches can lead to all kinds of conditions like Achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, patellar tendonitis) (jumper’s knee), tennis elbow, and rotator cuff tears.  It is […]