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At Tennisletics, we believe that tennis success demands a healthy body, calm mind, and the right gear. Here are tennis blog articles that can give you a mental advantage and are designed to be consumed alongside using our Mindbox (MDBX) app.

Improving the mental strength of doubles tennis players

We’ve previously spoken in depth about how vital mental strength is in order to improve a tennis players overall game. The most successful players will balance the amount of time spent working on the mental side of their game against hours spent improving their fitness and technique. In a singles match, mental and physical capabilities […]

The importance of developing a mental game plan in tennis

Setting out a game plan before a match or competition is vital for any tennis player to ensure they are fully prepared for the challenge ahead. Understanding your strengths and weaknesses and how you can utilize these to highlight the weakness in your opponents game is key for any player looking to gain a mental […]

How to remain calm during a tennis match

Tennis players of all level will experience a certain level of stress and nervousness when competing. Dealing with this stress and remaining calm can be a difficult thing for new players to learn, but it is vital if they want to succeed and compete at a high level. High levels of stress lead to a […]

Controlling your anger during a tennis match

Anger is an extremely powerful emotion that can be very difficult to control, especially in younger and less experienced players. If you allow your anger to get the better of you it’s highly likely that your chances of success will drop dramatically. Anger is typically a result of disappointment during a match as a player […]

Dealing with gamesmanship in tennis

What is gamesmanship? Gamesmanship is the use of various tactics (often dubious ad not technically illegal) in an attempt to gain an advantage over your opponent in order to increase your chances of winning the match. Imagine you were down all match but you’ve finally broken your opponent’s serve. You can feel the momentum shifting as […]

Glossary of tennis terms and acronyms

Like many sports, tennis is a game full of terms and acronyms.  This article seeks to help explain the meaning of these items.  It will remain ‘work in progress’ and we will be adding as we discover new terms or acronyms.  If you consider we can explain one of them better, or have missed anything, […]

How to respond to losses

When looking to improve the mental side of your game most players and coaches will focus on capitalizing on past successes to help improve your game. However, knowing in tennis means you will lose almost as many times as you win, it is critical that players learn to cope with defeat. Failure isn’t something that […]

Top tips for gaining a mental advantage over your opponent

We’ve previously spoken in depth about how an individual’s psychology plays a huge role in their ability on the court. The top players are able to control their emotions throughout a match and use them to gain a mental advantage over their opponent, even when they aren’t playing to the best of their ability. It’s […]

How the weather impacts a tennis match

When preparing for a tennis match, or competition, players will plan for every possible outcome to make sure they are able to cope with all scenarios. There is, however, one thing you cannot account for, the weather. The uncontrollable nature of the weather presents a number of different challenges that tennis players must overcome to […]

5 ways to improve confidence in tennis players

Confidence is best defined as the beliefs an individual has towards their own ability to successfully execute a specific task in order to achieve the desired outcome. For example, a tennis player who has confidence in their serve steps up to the line believing that they are going to hit their spots and ace their […]