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Best 8: Polyester strings

If you are an intermediate or advanced player that swings big, then beyond selecting the right racquet, choosing the best polyester string (at the optimum tension) is an incredibly important decision.  Polyester strings have transformed the way tennis is played over the last 20 years providing previously unattainable levels of spin and great control in […]

Best 8: Overgrips – Dry

Beyond selecting the right racquet and string, selecting the best grip is probably the third most important choice for your game.  Attempting to play tennis in hot, humid conditions with an old or incorrect overgrip is a recipe for disaster. But what overgrip can cut it?  Which one can provide the comfort, performance, and durability […]

Tennisletics store goes live

We are delighted to launch our new Tennisletics store. Get inspired by our collections of apparel for men, women, and kids that includes t-shirts, tanks, long-sleeved tops, and hoodies.  We have Tennisletics-branded gear and exclusive outfits from our ‘Fearless’ collection.  Stay hydrated with help from 10oz and 20oz tumblers and mugs. To ensure all the gear […]

What type of tennis strings are best for you?

Most players will spend weeks, even months, researching and finding the perfect tennis racquet for their style of play. However, when it comes to choosing the best string and tension, it’s often an impulse decision that’s made in a matter of minutes or left to the stringer to decide. Success in tennis comes from the […]

Tennis themed Halloween party

How to throw a tennis-themed Halloween party Halloween is one of our favorite times of the year, it provides the perfect opportunity to get to together with friends and family to celebrate the spooky season. Over the next few weeks, tennis clubs across the country will be throwing their own Halloween themed tournaments and parties. […]

MDBX web player released

To complement MDBX for iOS, we are delighted to release a Mindbox by Tennisletics web player. Now subscribers, without the benefit of an iPhone, can enjoy compelling audio tracks, stores, and techniques from the comfort of their web browser on their mobile phone, laptop or desktop computer. Designed using the latest web technology, anyone interested […]

Why tennis is a mental game

Tennis is a mental game It is no secret that tennis is one of the most mental sports. Whilst physical fitness and the ability to physically hit shots are crucial, the best tennis players are those that are the toughest in the mind and those who can channel their emotions to achieve success. The mental […]

Mindbox for iOS is released

They say the best things in life are worth the wait. After 11 months of planning, designing, developing, recruiting, recording, editing and mixing, we are delighted to announce that version 1.0 of Mindbox (MDBX) by Tennisletics is finally released onto the App Store. Players of all ages and abilities can now leverage the power of […]

tennisletics website launches

After months of careful planning, designing and building, we are delighted to launch According to studies in 2017 by the Tennis Industry Association (TIA), there are 46 million people in the US that are interested in tennis, of which 15 million are non-players, 12.7 million are intermittent players and 18.1 million are active players. […]