After months of careful planning, designing and building, we are delighted to launch

According to studies in 2017 by the Tennis Industry Association (TIA), there are 46 million people in the US that are interested in tennis, of which 15 million are non-players, 12.7 million are intermittent players and 18.1 million are active players.

We at Tennisletics, are trying to solve these problems:

  • Fitness. We know that many people start to play tennis to ‘get fit,’ but to develop their game truly, all players need to ‘get fit’ to play tennis – both physically and mentally.
  • Coaches. Great tennis coaches can drill athletes on technique and give them tips during weekly clinics and private lessons, but they can only do so much.
  • (Lack of) Support. Recreational, college, youth, and even professional players (unless they are ATP or WTA Top 20) struggle to get support they need for every aspect of their game including nutrition and mental toughness.
  • (Poor) Resources. Most of the current tennis resources contain outdated thinking (that is often ‘sold hard’) and primarily focused on technique (which best helped by qualified coaches). Technical information is fragmented and mental support virtually non-existent. will provide a focal point for all our activity – our products, services, and experiences – for players of all ages and abilities, parents, coaches, trainers, clubs, and associations.

April 27, 2018