Although tennis began as the ‘game of the palm’ in the 12th century, modern tennis success is much more difficult. Regardless of your age or level, you need a honed technique, solid strategy, mental strength, all-round fitness, and the right gear. And, we all need to find new experiences to ‘drive us’ to ‘be better.’

We created Tennisletics to blend new ideas, content, and technology with a simple mission around tennis. We want to inform, inspire, and innovate. But how can a start-up company like Tennisletics impact the millions of players worldwide and support those tennis players on their life-long journey?

We have spent the last four months digging in to try and answer those questions and better understand ‘what people want.’ And, then we’ve devised a new plan so we can help many more people. It became evident that to deliver the most impact; we need to find new ways to tackle all the components that make up the modern player. And that would take money and resources.

So, we’re excited to provide for the first time an outline of what we’re doing:

  1. Membership. At the core of our new approach is a virtual tennis membership with three levels, for three budgets, that match the evolution of the tennis racquet: Wood (free forever), Metal (just $3/mo, available now) and Graphite ($49/year, including $50 value welcome gift, launching July 1). We lay out the benefits in our new Membership section so can see what you get with each plan. Rest assured, our team is working tirelessly every day to deliver value for each level and earn your support.
  2. Explore. We are thrilled to state we are currently building a new tennis directory and events section within our website. Get ready to discover the best places in the world to play and experience tennis – all in one place. We hope to launch this later this month.
  3. Apps. We are on a mission to develop new apps that help you in different ways. We already have Mindbox (MDBX) (more tracks coming soon) and Outlet (OTLT) and are working flat out on Stringuru (STGU) to provide tennis string wisdom. We’ve got a bunch of other apps in planning.
  4. Blog. We continue to create and curate great content to guide you on your tennis journey. Check out our articles for Mind, Body, Gear, and Experiences – along with our Best 8. And look out for blogs from guest authors soon too.

We are running Tennisletics as a lean company so that every dollar received for membership fees gets immediately re-invested to ‘do more’ to help players like you: more content, more apps, more offers. Frankly, the more members we have, the faster we can deliver.

As always, we value the support of the tennis community. Reach out to [email protected] with questions, ideas – and even concerns and complaints. We’re here to listen.

Aleks Szymanski

June 7, 2019, by Aleks Szymanski

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