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Tennis origins lay in the 12th century with jeu de paume (‘game of the palm’). Today, tennis is an Olympic sport played at all levels of society and at all ages. The word ‘Athletics’ is derived from the Greek word ‘athlos’ (ἄθλος), meaning ‘contest’ or ‘task’ and encompasses human competitive sports requiring physical skill and the systems of training that prepare ‘athletes’ for competition performance.

We combined ‘Tennis’ and ‘Athletics’ to create a vibrant, new start-up company called ‘Tennisletics’ that blends new ideas, content and technology to help players of all ages and abilities reach their potential.

We know modern tennis success demands a calm mind, a healthy body, the right gear, and noteworthy experiences. So, we created a new type of tennis membership with levels based on your needs and budget.

Positive power of tennis

We understand and value the power of tennis and its ability, regardless of age and level, to transform lives and make a positive impact.

For the foreseeable future, all the paid member contributions, and any profits from store sales are re-invested to help us ‘do more’ to help players of all ages and abilities. Our goal is to find creative ways to ‘give back’ through tennis.

As a socially responsible company, we make every effort to reduce waste, offset our carbon emissions, and support partners and vendors using environmentally sound best practices.

Meet the Team

Aleks Szymanski

Co-founder & Certified Mental Coach™

William Boyce

Co-founder, Tennis & Fitness coach

Rich Trevivian

Co-founder, Technology

Julie Szymanski

Co-founder, Members & Merchandise

“Cannot wait to see what Tennisletics will do next…”

Sondra T, Austin, TX (NTRP 3.5)

“Mindbox rocks!”

Beverley B, Austin, TX (Coach)

“I listen to Mindbox tracks before every match…”

Grace L, Austin, TX (NTRP 4.0)

Our mission


We strive every day to educate and inform. We create and curate tennis articles, blogs, guides, videos and more.


We know modern tennis demands a calm mind, a healthy body, and the right gear. Our passion drives us to seek out new ways to experience tennis.


We are tennis innovators. We seek to blend ideas and technology to uncover new ways to help you reach your potential.

Join Tennisletics to do more of what you love and save money along the way.