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Meet the Team

Aleks Szymanski, Founder, Tennisletics

Aleks Szymanski

Founder & Certified Mental Coach™
Julie Szymanski, Members & Merchandises

Julie Szymanski

Members & Merchandise

Rich Trevivian

Sherlock Bones, Mascot, Tennisletics

Sherlock Bones


Our Advisors

William Boyce, Tennis Coach

William Boyce

Coach & Ambassador
Otto Friedlein, Brand Ambassador, Tennisletics

Otto Friedlein

Junior Ambassador
Bernadette Muegel, Brand Ambassador

Bernadette Muegel

Scott Hudler, Ambassador

Scott Hudler

Michael MacVay, Brand Ambassador

Michael MacVay

Coach & Ambasador

We Are On A Mission

We are on a mission to build the largest tennis and pickleball community in the world. As a club, we seek to inform, inspire, and innovate. We welcome members of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds, knowing we are better together. We understand the power of tennis, and its ability to break down barriers, make a positive impact and transform lives.


We are passionate about creating the best information available through data, blogs, guides, videos & more


Our mission is to inspire more people to play tennis (and pickleball) and encourage players to seek out new experiences


We are innovators. We strive to blend new ideas and technology to deliver member value.

“Cannot wait to see what Tennisletics will do next…”

Sondra T, Austin, TX (NTRP 3.5)

“Mindbox rocks!”

Beverley B, Austin, TX (Coach)

“I listen to Mindbox tracks before every match…”

Grace L, Austin, TX (NTRP 4.0)

Positive Power Of Tennis

Become a Tennisletics member

We understand the power of tennis and pickleball, and regardless of age and level, to transform lives and make a positive impact.

Right now, all income from paid members and any profits from store sales are re-invested to help us ‘do more’ to help players of all ages and abilities. Our goal is to find creative ways to ‘give back’ through tennis.

As a socially responsible company, we make every effort to reduce waste, offset our carbon emissions, and support partners and vendors using environmentally sound best practices.

Who Do We Help?


Tennis helps your quality of life, reduce stress and helps you live longer and improve your mental health. Tennis outperforms all other sports with regard to developing positive personality traits and building genuine relationships.


Tennis and pickleball continue to gain popularity among older adults for good reason. Tennis players have a reduced risk of heart disease, improved balance and coordination, more brainpower, and a better social life.


College tennis is a huge opportunity for player development and growth with many junior players progressing to college. There are over 1,100 women’s programs and over 900 men’s programs spread out over five different divisions.


Playing tennis and pickleball strengthens bones and muscles, improves coordination, and encourages mental development. Kids who play tennis regularly get better grades due to increased neural connections in their brain. Tennis builds sportsmanship and important human character traits that enable people to better communicate and work together.


Tennisletics aims to help tennis and pickleball players of all abilities. In the USA, the USTA provides all kinds of tennis programming and developmental opportunities to wheelchair athletes of all ages and backgrounds. Their goal is for athletes to learn about the sport of tennis and have fun.


Parents can directly impact their child’s tennis and pickleball experience by their actions. But, it can be challenging to find the right behavior, to be supportive but not over-bearing, provide feedback without being critical.


Players of all ages and abilities rely on coaches to learn the basics of tennis and pickleball, refine their technique and advance their knowledge of tactics as they continue their journey on a lifelong sport. Whether they got their training from experience, USTA, USPTA or PTR, coaches can apply their expertise in many different roles.


There are 270,000 tennis courts in the USA, with nearly 15,000 facilities offering programming and tennis instruction on 92,000 courts. Get a Tennisletics Verified Profile


We want to promote the very best experiences for tennis and pickleball players. Resorts can offer immersive, game-changing experiences for tennis and pickleball players of all ages and abilities. Get a Tennisletics Verified Profile


Tennis and pickleball enthusiasts and players alike enjoy the thrill of competition with live tennis matches. We help promote the increasing choice of Pro and high-level tournaments of all types – ATP, WTA, ITF, UTR, USTA, NCAA along with Davis Cup, Fed Cup, and Laver Cup.

Why 'Tennisletics'?

Sometimes we get asked where did the name Tennisletics come from?

Well, the inspiration came from history. Tennis origins lay in the 12th century with jeu de paume (‘game of the palm’). Today, tennis is an Olympic sport played at all levels of society and at all ages. The word ‘Athletics’ is derived from the Greek word ‘athlos’ (ἄθλος), meaning ‘contest’ or ‘task’ and encompasses human competitive sports requiring physical skill and training that prepare ‘athletes’ for competitive performance.

So, we combined ‘Tennis’ and ‘Athletics’ to create a vibrant, venture called ‘Tennisletics’ that seeks to inform, inspire, and innovate.