Tennisletics supports active tennis players and fans worldwide. Tennis connects people of all ages and abilities, breaks down barriers, and transforms lives. If you love being on the court or watching courtside, Tennisletics will bring you information, inspiration, and (sustainable) innovation.

Tennisletics is a tennis apparel and accessories brand, creator, and online retailer based in Austin, Texas, USA, supported by a growing legion of fans across the globe. 

Created in early 2019, the name Tennisletics is derived from combining ‘Tennis’ and ‘Athletics’ which is derived from the Greek word ‘athlos’ (ἄθλος) which encompasses meaning 'contest'.

Our growth comes from being devoted to:

  • INFORMATION.  We are passionate about helping people through blogs, guides, videos, and more.
  • INSPIRATION. We want to inspire people to play tennis, seek out new experiences, and make a positive impact to themselves and others.
  • INNOVATION.  We blend new ideas and technology to deliver tennis products and services.

This powerful three-pronged approach drives us to create new products and powerful tools that empower players to be actionable and encourage them to 'Reach their potential'.

Our Team

 Aleks Szymanski, Founder, Tennisletics
Aleks Szymanski

Julie Szymanski, Founder, Tennisletics
Julie Szymanski
Sherlock Bones, Mascot, Tennisletics
Sherlock Bones

Our Ambassadors

William Boyce, Ambassador, Tennisletics
William B.
Avon, CO
Otto Friedlein, Ambassador, Tennisletics
Otto F.
Colchester, UK
Bernadette Muegel, Ambassador, Tennisletics
Bernadette M.
Austin, TX
Scott Hudler, Ambassador, Tennisletics
Scott H.
Austin, TX

Michael MacVay, Ambassador, Tennisletics
Michael M.
Austin, TX

Neena Wanko, Ambassador, Tennisletics
Neena W.
Charlotte, NC
Martin Kowalski, Ambassador, Tennisletics
Martin K.
Austin, TX
Rich Trevivian, Ambassador, Tennisletics
Rich T.

Miami, FL
Elizabeth H-S.
Elizabeth H-S.
Boulder, CO

Contact Us

Tennisletics, LLC
11601 W Hwy 290, Ste A101-346
Austin, TX 78737

(888) 581-0685

At Tennisletics, we create and curate high quality, affordable and ethically made products for your tennis life.